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Experiential tourism is a new approach and way to live a travel that implies an active engagement with a destination’s culture, people and environment. Inspirience embraces the concept of experiential tourism, since we believe in the strong and positive sensation enclosed in the details and in the pleasure of authentic discovery.

Experiential tourism in Menorca

How can this kind of tourism awaken your senses?

1) Sight: your eyes will be full of the beauty, colors and shapes of the places. You will admire hidden views and details that could be overlooked without the interpretation given by an expert or a local.

2) Smell: Do you remember the smell of the four seasons in a little village or a wood? Don’t worry, you will suddenly remember it with us! Your sense of smell will be intoxicated by the scent of nature and typical local food!

3) Sound: We usually have the habit of hearing too many annoying noises in our daily life. In our daily life, we are overcome by many, too many annoying noises. Now imagine hearing the sound of a mirror breaking and entering another dimension surrounded by the sound of a water stream, the chirping of a bird, the crunching of leaves under your feet, or simply the sound of your silence. What are they telling you?

Awakening the senses in the German shower, Fuenfría Valley

4) Taste: let your taste buds explode with pleasure by savoring the typical local dishes, drinks and products of the territories you will visit. 

5) Touch: We usually read signs that say “Please, do not touch”. Instead we tell you “Please, touch”. Touch and hug a tree, touch a leaf and a flower, touch a brush or dough for your cooking class, touch your soul! 

But… There is another aspect that is important to us: your sensations and emotions.

What does it mean?

Close your eyes and imagine your face caressed by the wind; your hands “in dough” or shaking another hand; the relaxed sensation felt when you walk in the woods.. Can you do it? Here is what Inspirience helps you do: immerse yourself in meaningful experiences that arouse emotions, making your travel experience unique and personal, respecting the local communities and the environment. You will be enriched in your souls, minds and heart, bringing inside you an unforgettable memory.

Amazonas sunset

How can Inspirience do this?

-We promote meetings with local guides and inhabitants to let you discover the secrets and the legends they hide, their traditions and festivals in which you will take part.

-Together with the experts, you will become a cook, an artist or an explorer for a day. Always carrying “the art of doing” with you.

-You will participate in the production of local products, such as wine, the visit of a local winery and, above all, you will taste it. And in that moment you will think about the whole production process and a simple glass of wine will take on the flavor of knowledge.

-You will walk and discover the less beaten paths, where you will have the opportunity to do activities in contact with nature and fauna: trekking, birdwatching and.. so much more.

Tasting of wines made according to the Roman tradition

Comparison and sharing are some of the experiential tourism’s keywords. Comparison with the place and its inhabitants, with new destinations or with destinations already visited, but now seen from a new point of view, and confrontation with oneself.
Comparison reinforced by the sharing of events and emotions that weave a certain territory!

Not only do we tell you about the authenticity of a place, but we make you live it as a protagonist.

Experiential tourism is made up of little details full of meaning, allowing you to have different perspectives on a place, thanks to the stories and witnesses of those who were born there or have lived there for some time. These small/big elements make a territory come alive representing what will be remembered and told.
So the most interesting and appealing question to ask after a trip will no longer be only: what did I see? but .. what did I experience?

Do you want to share a strong emotion that you have experienced during an activity or a trip? Tell us here!


Giovanna Pellecchia
Travel designer | Sustainable Tourism Specialist
I am a travel lover (often my main source of inspiration), languages ​​and literature. Also books lead to unexplored places!


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