Madrid: Postman’s Trail

He was our old communicator of stories, our carrier of illusions, our saviour bringing medicine, our interlocutor of letters when we couldn’t read. Cold, rain, heat, snow or storm, he was always there, he always arrived.

The postman has been the link between many villages and the reality outside. A link that until very recently played an essential role in the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

Nowadays, the reminiscences of these ancient traditions are still remembered with romantic nostalgia.

Madrid: Ruta del Cartero

The Postman’s Trail experience runs between the towns of Puebla de la Sierra and Robledillo de la Jara.

This trail is a tribute to those unsung heroes who linked villages as isolated as Puebla de la Sierra, playing a vital role in times when letters were virtually the only way to keep in touch, even in times of cold and snow.

On many occasions, they were the voice of those messages as, due to illiteracy, it was not uncommon for him to read the letters he carried. Along with the post, it was common for him to bring medicines or other items of vital importance, as favours.

Walk with good views of the La Puebla river ravine to Robledillo de la Jara, where a local guide will show us the Formas de Vida del Pasado (Ancient Lifestyles) museum.


8.38 miles

Elevation gain

0.34 miles



Trail type




Schedule of the trail

– 8:45: Arrival at Puebla de la Sierra.

– 9:00 a 12:45: Postman’s trail. Arrival at Robledillo de la Jara.

– 13:00: Guided visit to the Formas de Vida del Pasado Museum.

– 14:15: 30-minute break.

– 14:45: Bus ride back to Puebla de la Sierra.

– 15:15: Arrival in Puebla de la Sierra. End of services.


Important information

We will make some explanatory stops during the Postman’s Trail.

At 15:00 we will be picked up by a bus that will take us back to Puebla de la Sierra, by the car park.

We will do a hiking activity of about 8.38 miles, so the use of suitable footwear for the terrain (trekking or mountain shoes-boots) is imperative. It is also necessary to carry some kind of valid hydration, as there are no fountains along the trail. Wear clothes suitable for the season. It is advisable to carry some food in your backpack: fruit, nuts, chocolate… whatever you need to get an energy boost at any given moment.

What’s included in our routes?

– Local guides, qualified and expert in all activities.

– Several stops along the route for interpretation of the landscape, wildlife or vegetation, history, etc.

– All the activities described on the route.

– Insurance.

We design guided tours and trips. Some of our activities in Madrid can be combined with each other. For more
information, please contact us.

Meeting point

The meeting point is at the municipal sports ground, Frontón, in Puebla de la Sierra, to the north of the town. It is a small car park, so it is recommended to make good use of the space to accommodate everyone.

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