Maestrazgo: Land of legends

There are places where time seems to have stood still. Landscapes with sharp mountains and villages with narrow and quiet streets that whisper legends and conquer you forever. No rush, no stress, just let the pure mountain air fill you with energy.

You will find all this and more in Teruel, in the Maestrazgo region, an unknown and unique destination, perfect for getting away from it all. Do you dare to live “slowly”, one of the best secrets of Aragon?

This route takes you through charming villages full of history and incredible nature.

Mirambel will take you back to the Middle Ages. In Cantavieja and Castellote you can learn about the history of the Templars.

Villarroya and Tronchón invite you to get to know the most rural side of the area, while enjoying outstanding 

monuments such as the natural bridge of Fonseca and the source of the river Pitarque.

Maestrazgo has everything: history, gastronomy and nature.

The Maestrazgo is, without a doubt, the place to which you will always want to return.




DAY 1: City of origin - Castellote

Arrival to Castellote. We will visit the Tourist Path of Aragon where we will go up to the Castle, go down to the old aqueduct and return behind the mountain from where we will enjoy the views of the Barranco del Llovedor.

We will also visit the Templar Tower: a visitor center that immerses us in the historical past of the Templar village of Castellote in the Maestrazgo region of Teruel.

Here we can find a pleasant and agile musealization that will help us understand the importance of the Order of the Temple and its legacy to the present day.

We will also visit its castle dating from 1168, of which there are remains of four towers.

Next, we will visit the Grutas de Cristal de Molinos, declared a natural monument and known for being one of the most spectacular caves in Aragon.

This is a point of great geological interest where we can find a great variety of carbonate precipitates, such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, curtains…

Lodging in Castellote.


DAY 2: Natural Bridge of Fonseca - Cantavieja

We will begin our day with a self-guided visit to the Natural Bridge of Fonseca, one of the four natural monuments of Maestrazgo.

It is a bridge of natural origin formed from a tuff generated by the Guadalope river that, when crossing it, has originated the tunnel through which it currently runs.

We will travel 10 km (round trip in total) through a path along the left bank of the river.

At the end, we will continue to Cantavieja.

Overnight in Cantavieja.


DAY 3: Tronchón - Mirambel - Cantavieja

After breakfast, we will start our way to the south of the region. We will stop in Tronchón, famous for its delicious cheese that Don Quixote praised in the seventeenth century. We will visit the Interpretation Center dedicated to its cheese and, of course, we will visit Pilar’s cheese factory.

We will also visit the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena, an authentic architectural jewel of the 16th century, and the prison, an ancient Gothic building from the 14th century.

We continue to one of the most beautiful villages in Spain: Mirambel. It is a medieval complex that belonged to the Military Order of San Juan and perfectly preserves its walled perimeter.

Here we will participate in a tasting of organic wines combined with delicious local cheeses.

We will continue to the capital of the region: Cantavieja. We will discover its Templar past where Templars, San Juanistas and Carlists, left their mark in the form of buildings, stories, gastronomies and roads. Visit the Museum of the Carlist Wars.

Dinner at a local restaurant.

Accommodation in a hotel or rural house in Cantavieja.


DAY 4: Villarroya de los Pinares

We are ready to get into the most rural side of the region, today we will be shepherds for a day. Although it may seem like an activity for children, it is really for all ages.

It will be a day of learning, good vibes, love and connection with nature and people. Today we will visit a farmhouse where we will lend a hand in feeding the animals of the farm, learn about them, how they grow, how they feed and what their way of life is like, an endearing experience not to forget!

Already in the village of Villarroya de los Pinares, and fromthe hand of Serafina, our guide, we will know its spectacular church that evokes the prosperous past of the village: its esconjuradero. From here we will enjoy the most beautiful views of the village.

The afternoon will be dedicated to a relaxing experience of mindfulness and craftsmanship: we will design our own piece of stoneware accompanied by Carmen, a ceramic artisan who, besides having a hilarious time, will guide you so that your piece is not only decent but also beautiful.

Lodging in a hotel or rural house


DAY 5: Miravete de la Sierra

Today we will visit one of the most beautiful and least inhabited villages in the area: Miravete de la Sierra. Its town center has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site for boasting one of the best examples of medieval architecture in the province of Teruel.

We will visit its Renaissance church from the XVI century, its Bread Cycle Interpretation Center whose treasure is an old mill recently restored, as well as the oven that in past decades was an obligatory meeting point for its inhabitants.

Also noteworthy is the presence of dinosaur fossil footprints that were declared a paleontological zone in 2003.

Free afternoon

Lodging in a hotel or rural house


DAY 6: Organs of Montoro - Villarluengo

Departure to the Órganos de Montoro Route, also known as The Silent Route, a spectacular scenic road, a paradise for bikers and motorcyclists .

If you are passionate about hiking, this plan is for you. We take you to walk 10 km (round trip) in a spectacular setting through a path that will lead you to another of the Natural Monuments of Maestrazgo: the source of the Pitarque River. The route runs, for the most part, parallel to the river of the same name.

If you prefer something quieter or want to combine your hiking experience with a short walk along the footbridges immersed in a gorge with spectacular scenery, the Valloré Footbridges are a must that you can’t miss.

At the end, we will continue to the nearby village of Villarluengo where we will get to know its rich natural and artistic heritage.

For the moment it is time to say goodbye, but this is only a goodbye.


* Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


Important notes

✔ 6 nights in rural accommodations and hotels.

✔ Meals mentioned in the program.

✔ The activities described in the program.

✔ Professional guide in Tronchón, Villarroya and Miravete de la Sierra.

✔ Card for self-guided circuit in the Natural Monuments.

✔ Entrance fees to the places described.

Does not include:

✘ Gratuities.

✘ Personal expenses.

✘ Taxes not specified.

✘ Any service not specified in the above itinerary.


Accommodation located in rural areas.


We are in an area of high ecological value. We will visit the Alto Maestrazgo, its different natural monuments, without forgetting that the international figure of the Geoparks was created here.

Culture and tradition

Full immersion in different villages and towns with ancestral traditions. Commitment to social and environmental development throughout the program.

Sustainable tourism

The route in many areas is done on foot. Short distances are covered, favouring balanced development in the surrounding localities. Local guides and hosts. Family-run rural accommodation, favouring the circular economy. Knowledge between the nature of the place and the sustainable use of resources by local communities.

Gastronomy and local produce

Gastronomic experiences, local products, family restaurants.

Find your inspiration in this itinerary and we’ll help you organize your next Inspirience.

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