Madrid: cycle tour along the Alberche railroad

Some dreams never come true; others are imagined but never come to fruition and then some come true but are short-lived. The Alberche railroad is a case in point: it only lasted one day. There were many projects planned for this railroad. The most realistic one was a route that joined Madrid and Almorox but it was truncated by the Civil War. The damages caused plus a regime's program that prioritized the use of cars and the building of new roads relegated this project to a dream that did not come true.

The cycle tour trail follows what at some point in time was the railroad section that joined Pelayos de la Presa and San Martín de Valdeiglesias. We will start our adventure at the old San Martín, desde donde recorreremos calles con nombres ferroviarios.

We will leave town and continue riding until we reach Pelayos, where we will go by one of the oldest Abbeys in Madrid: Santa María la Real de Valdeiglesias. A very short section of road will get us closer to the río Alberche banks.

From there on, the trail is a real treat. We will be riding by the river the whole time and go over bridges, through one or two tunnels, and enjoy the smoothness of a ride typical of roads that were (or tried to be) railroad tracks. 

We will arrive at the Picadas reservoir and then at the Picadas dam, where we will turn around to go in the opposite direction, going through a couple of tunnels.





660 feet



Trail type




Details of the Trail

We will make several background-talk stops along the way. 

Una de las paradas será algo más larga para tomar un tentempié y seguir con nuestro recorrido.

Hay un tramo muy pequeño de carretera en el cual seguiremos al pie de la letra las indicaciones del monitor. 

Hay opción de alquiler, traslado de bicicletas y bicis eléctricas. Solo te tienes que preocupar de llegar al punto de partida y disfrutar tu ruta. También, si tienes zapatillas con calas, te adaptamos la bicicleta al tipo de cala que tengas. Pregúntanos por las opciones.

Important information

We are in a rural and mountainous area, with forest roads and footpaths, so the use of suitable footwear for the terrain (trekking or mountaineering shoes/boots) is compulsory. It is also necessary to carry at least one and a half litres of water or other valid hydration.

Don't forget to bring sun cream and a hat. It is advisable to carry some food in your backpack: fruit, nuts, chocolate... whatever you need to boost your strength at any given moment.

The route is flat and quiet, although we must always remember that we are riding a bicycle and that we must follow safety regulations. Riding requires a minimum of fitness and knowledge.

Some of our activities in Madrid can be combined with each other. For more information, please contact us.

Meeting point

San Martín de Valdeiglesias old train station

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