Madrid: Mendocino Way

We all know the Way of St. James. Most of us have even heard of the Way of St. James from Madrid. But… What if I told you that there is a Way of St. James that comes from Guadalajara and reaches Manzanares El Real, where it meets the Way of St. James from Madrid? Yes, this is the Mendocino Way. It is so called because most of its route passes through the former properties of the wealthy Mendoza family.

Living history beneath our feet awaits us in the Sierra Norte of Madrid.

Madrid: Camino Mendocino

The Mendocino Way, also known as the Western Way or Western Alcarreño Way, runs through the Carpetani lands of Madrid to Manzanares El Real, where it joins the Madrid Way. In the Sierra Norte, it runs between the towns of Torremocha del Jarama and Venturada.

Today we meet in Torremocha del Jarama for a hiking trail to Torrelaguna, the next Jacobean point on the Mendocino Way in the Sierra Norte. 

If there is time, we will stop by the hermitage cared for by Santa María de la Cabeza, the oldest Marian temple in Madrid.

In Torrelaguna, after regaining our strength by tasting local products, we will take a guided tour through the town, accompanied by the best local guide.


7.45 miles

Elevation gain

44 yards



Trail type




Schedule of the trail

– 8:45: Arrival at Torremocha del Campo.

– 9:00 a 12:15: Hiking through the Mendocino Way. Arrival at Torrelaguna.

– 12:30: Tasting of local products with drink and coffee at a typical inn in Torrelaguna.

– 13:15: Guided trail through Torrelaguna with local guide.

– 14:15: 30-minute break.

– 14:45: Bus ride back to Torremocha del Campo.

– 15:10: Arrival in Torremocha del Jarama. End of services.


Important information

We will make some explanatory stops along the Camino Mendocino. In Torrelaguna a tasting stop awaits us in one of its typical restaurants

At 15:00 we will be picked up by a bus that will take us back to Torremocha del Jarama, where we will have previously left the cars.

We will undertake a hiking of about 7.45 miles, so the use of suitable footwear for the terrain (hiking or mountain shoes-boots) is imperative. It is also necessary to carry some kind of valid hydration, as there are no fountains along the way. Wear clothes suitable for the season. It is advisable to carry some food in your backpack: fruit, nuts, chocolate… whatever you need to give you an energy boost at any given moment.

What’s included in our routes?

– Local guides, qualified and expert in all activities.

– Several stops along the route for interpretation of the landscape, wildlife or vegetation, history, etc.

– All the activities described on the route.

– Insurance.

We design guided tours and trips. Some of our activities in Madrid can be combined with each other. For more
information, please contact us.

Meeting point

Torremocha del Jarama municipal car park. It is just before entering the town centre, on our right. Drive past the Centro Artesanal Torrearte, which should be on your left.

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