Madrid: cycling route along the Alberche railway line

There are dreams that are never fulfilled, others that want to be born and never materialize. There are also dreams that come true but have ephemeral life. Well, the Alberche railway was so ephemeral that its time of existence can be summarized quickly: one day. This railway, which had many projects, the most realistic of which was to go from
Madrid to Almorox, was cut short during the Civil War. The destruction caused, plus the regime’s program of promoting the use of vehicles and road construction as a priority, were relegating this project to the dream that always wanted to be but never materialized.

The cycling route runs along what was once the railway section that connected Pelayos de la Presa and San Martín de Valdeiglesias. We will start at the old train station of San Martín, from where we will ride through streets with railway names.

We will leave the village and continue our way to Pelayos, where we will pass by the oldest monastery in Madrid: Santa María la Real de Valdeiglesias. A very short stretch of road takes us to the banks of the Alberche River.

From here the road is a real delight, accompanied by the river at all times, with numerous bridges, some tunnels and a smoothness typical of roads that have been (or tried to be) railways.

In this way we will arrive at the Picadas Reservoir and, later, at the Picadas Dam, where we will turn around to walk in the opposite direction, entering a tunnel.



20.51 Miles

elevation gain

218,723 Yards


3h30 m

trail type




Detail of the route

We will make several explanatory stops along the way. 

One of the stops will be a little longer to have a snack and continue with our tour.

There is a very small stretch of road in which we will follow the monitor’s indications to the letter. 

There is the option of renting, transfer of bicycles and electric bikes. You only have to worry about getting to the starting point and enjoy your route. Also, if you have shoes with cleats, we adapt the bike to the type of cleat you have. Ask us about the options.

Important Information

We are doing a mountain bike tour, so clothes and sports shoes are a must. We highly recommend cycling tights and suitable shoes. It is also necessary to carry at least a liter and a half of water or other valid hydration.

 Do not forget to bring sunscreen. It is highly advisable to carry some food in your backpack: fruit, nuts, chocolate… whatever you need to replenish your strength at any given moment.

The route is particularly flat and quiet, although we must always remember that we are riding a bike and that safety rules must be followed. Riding requires a minimum of fitness and knowledge.

Some of our activities in Madrid can be combined with each other. For more information, please contact us.

Meeting point

Old station of San Martín de Valdeiglesias.

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