Huesca, Aragonese Pyrenees: Bearded vultures


A whistle sharper than that of a kite bounces off the huge rocky walls of the Aragonese Pyrenees. And suddenly, the bone of some animal, already dead for a couple of days, falls from the highest in the sky, breaking on contact with the sharp rock. This is how the Bearded Vulture – Gypaetus barbatus – feeds. It is the last link in the exploitation of scavenger birds. A spectacle worthy of observing and photographing.

The largest concentration of Bearded Vultures in Europe is concentrated in the Pyrenees. We are fortunate to have a population of about 100 breeding pairs. It is one of the most impressive birds in the Spanish territory. Not in vain, along with the Black and Griffon Vulture, it is the largest bird that lives and flies over our territory.

Enjoy the opportunity to observe closely the bearded vulture, a bird of great beauty. Live an exclusive weekend, knowing and respecting this beautiful bird that little by little is recovering its populations.

Although the main species of the weekend is the Bearded Vulture, we will not overlook other species such as marmots, vipers, wallcreepers, black woodpeckers and a long etcetera of wildlife that we will try to observe on our walks.

We will stay in a small family establishment at the entrance of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees.



Day 1 - Friday: Arrival and interpretative route

Arrival at our rural lodging. Reception.

Presentation of the experience and participants.

Interpretive route until dusk


Lodging in Lamiana


Day 2 - Saturday: Observation trails

After breakfast, we will go on a route to observe the Bearded Vulture.

Lunch at the lodge.

In the afternoon we will go on a wildlife observation route until sunset.


Rural lodging in Lamiana.


Day 3 - Sunday : Wildlife observation

After breakfast we will embark on a new wildlife observation experience.

Lunch at the lodge.

Farewell and end of services.


** (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Important information

*It is important to wear hiking boots and thermal clothing that allows us to be comfortable in the forest even without walking.

*The activities are subject to weather conditions.


Important Notes

✔ Two nights accommodation in the Rural Accommodation in Lamiana.
✔ Interpretative routes through the area.
✔ All meals included in the experience.
✔ O ptical material (terrestrial telescopes).
 Guides specialized in wildlife.
✔ RC and accident insurance and personalized attention.

Does not include:

✘ Transportation.
 Personal expenses.
✘ Meals and beverages not indicated.
✘ Any services not specified in the above itinerary.


Lodging located in a rural area.


Ecotourism in Huesca. Interpretation routes to understand nature. We are located in an area of ecological value. Located at the gates of the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido.

 Sustainable tourism

Proximity and Km zero tourism. local socio-economic development, local gastronomy.

 Environmental commitment

Wildlife observation ensures awareness of the fragile ecosystem balance and its importance for conservation and protection.

Our trips are tailor-made so you can choose what suits you best.

Find your inspiration in this itinerary and we will help you organize your next Inspirience.

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