Galicia: ¡Ultreia et Suseia!

Way of St. James – Final 60 miles

The sound of footsteps and walking sticks. The smell of fields and freshly baked bread. The morning mist on your skin and the stones that insist on living in your boots. The octopus, the empanada and the Santiago cake. The road before you: flat, steep, straight, tortuous, marked by yellow arrows and worn shells. To disconnect from everything and rediscover yourself, being carried away – fully and purely, by your senses. Experience the magic, the spirit, the challenge and the satisfaction of being on the move.

You can always experience the Way of St. Jameo, even with a limited amount of time: just choose to complete the last 60-70 miles of any of the multiple pathways leading to Santiago de Compostela

If we choose this French route alternative, we will travel 70 miles surrounded by eucalyptus fields, old villages, centenary forests and footpaths where millions of pilgrims have left their mark on a history that today is more present than ever.



DAY 1: Point of departure - Sarria

Make your own way to Sarria. On arrival in this beautiful town, sit on one of the terraces of the "Malecón" and have a cool drink with beautiful views of the river Sarria. You can stroll along the course of the river until you reach the area of O Chanto and take a dip in its pools. Don't miss a visit to the Convent Monastery of La Magdalena. Sarria is a paradise for art lovers, you will have the opportunity to discover antique pieces and learn first-hand about the art of restoration.

Accomodation in a 4-star hotel.


DAY 2: Sarria - Portomarín → 14 miles

You will walk along rural paths, or "corredoiras", under oak groves and small villages such as Lavandeira or Ferreiros. At the gates of Portomarín, you will cross the river Miño, under whose waters lies the ancient Portomarín. You will visit the Church of San Nicolás de Portomarín, rebuilt stone by stone when its original location on the edge of the river Miño was completely flooded due to the construction of the Belesar Reservoir.

Accomodation in a 2-star hotel.


DAY 3: Portomarín - Palas de Rei → 16 miles

You will first ascend to Castromaior and then to the Sierra de Ligonde, to later gradually descend through the villages of Eirexe and Ligonde to the town of Palas de Rei. Very close to Palas de Rei is the Pambre Castle, a 14th-century fortress. In 1484, it became the property of the Counts of Monterrei, with the military functions of guarding the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela and collecting tolls.

Accomodation in a 2-star hotel.


DAY 4: Palas de Rei - Arzúa → 18 miles

Today you will continue through an agricultural landscape that will take you to Arzúa, after crossing the beautiful river Iso. The most interesting monument in this town is the Chapel of La Magdalena, which was built by the Augustinian order in the 14th century to attend to pilgrims.

Accomodation in a 2-star hotel.


DAY 5: Arzúa - Rúa → 12 miles

You can't leave Arzúa without trying its delicious cheese with the Arzúa-Ulloa Designation of Origin and stamping your Pilgrim's Credential in the Church of Santiago de Arzúa. Green hills will be your companions on your journey to the town of Rúa. You will come across hermitages, such as Santa Irene.

Accomodation in a 2-star hotel.


DAY 6: Rúa - Santiago → 12 miles

After passing behind Pedrouzo, you will go up through Amenal and descend to Lavacolla. You will ascend again until you reach Monte do Gozo. From here you will see the towers of Santiago de Compostela Cathedral for the first time. Only 13 miles separate you from the city. You will walk through the San Lázaro neighbourhood, cross Porta do Camiño, or Gate to the Way, leave Plaza Cervantes behind and, through the beautiful streets of the old town of Santiago de Compostela, you will reach the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Congratulations, you've made it!

Accomodation in a 3-star hotel.


DAY 7: Santiago

You're free to enjoy Santiago in any way you want.

Accomodation in a 3-star hotel.


DAY 8: Santiago - Back home

For this particular time, the Camino has come to an end. But don't worry: it will knock on your door again, and you will come back once again (and again, and again).

But if you feel you can't stop now and you want to continue discovering what El Camino has for you, you may want to continue to the "end of the earth", to Finisterre.


* Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner


Important notes

✔ 7-nights accommodation (room with private bathroom) in charming hotels and guesthouses
✔ 7 special breakfasts
✔ Luggage transfer during the stages (1 piece of luggage - max. 44 lbs)
✔ Transportation services listed in the itinerary
✔ Full documentation and travelogue
✔ Pilgrim's Badge
✔ 24-hour emergency telephone assistance
✔ Essential travel insurance

Not included:

✘ Transport from your point of origin to Sarria/ Santiago or back
✘ Personal expenses
✘ Tips
✘ Any service not listed in the itinerary.


The journey is entirely on foot.

 Fair trade

There are plentiful options for buying locally produced goods.

 Slow food

Many of the menus to be tasted on your way along El Camino, as well as the fruit, sausages, etc., come from vegetable gardens and local entrepreneurs that you will surely have come across on your way.

Culture and tradition

El Camino is full of legends, traditions and customs. Come closer, ask – respectfully, discover. Get to know all the people who come from different countries, open up, ask questions, share... It is a fundamental part of this experience.

Clothing and gear

Comfortable clothing and footwear. Low or medium-height hiking shoes. Flip-flops for showering and walking. Something warm for the mornings and evenings (in summer). For the rest of the year, clothing should be adapted according to the season. Suitable clothing for hiking activities. Windbreaker jacket.

Our trips are tailor-made so you can choose what suits you best.

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