Birding: «Els Ports i Alt Maestrat», land of raptors


The historical region of Maestrazgo covers a large part of the north of the province of Castellón and the north-east of Teruel. A territory frozen in time through which Cathars, guerrillas, Carlist troops and Templars have roamed. The most fantastic thing it has to offer us nature in its purest state. Spring arrives and so do birds of prey to join the magnificent diversity in “Els Ports i el Maestrat”.

Shall we?

Welcome to the regions of Les Ports and Alt Maestrat. This area of the province of Castellón is characterised by its peaceful, welcoming villages and magical spots that will transport you back in time.

A mountainous region where we can enjoy its magnificent diversity. But we will also delve into its historical heritage, its landscapes and, of course, its excellent gastronomy.

We will enjoy a weekend of Birdwatching, focusing on the newly arrived Egyptian vultures, short-toed eagles and booted eagles. While those show up, we will also be on the lookout for the large birds of prey that dominate the skies, such as the golden eagle or the griffon vulture, and the great diversity of local passerines that breed in holm oak forests, cold plateaus and ravines, or that travel through this territory during migration.



Day 1: Arrival and welcoming

Arrival at our rural accommodation. Check-in.

Presentation of the weekend programme and the necessary logistics.

Lodging in Ares del Maestrat


Day 2: Els Ports county trail and observation stops

After breakfast, we will travel through the region of Els Ports passing through places of great cultural and historical importance such as the Sanctuary of Mare de Deu de la Font, the Hermitage of San Pere de Castellfort or the Pobla del Ballestar.

We will take part in several birding stops.

We’ll visit the Rambla de Celumbres Natural Site, which is an excellent observation point for birds of prey and scavengers.

We’ll stop at Forcall to enjoy the impressive Palau dels Osset and to have a picnic.
In the afternoon, we’ll visit the Balma de Zorita Sanctuary, an amazing viewpoint of both wildlife and landscapes. We’ll back to our lodging.


Night tour guided by Ares del Maestrat.

Lodging in Ares del Maestrat.


Day 3: Alt Maestrat and wildlife watching

After breakfast, and after admiring some impressive ravines along the way, we will enter the Municipal Natural Site El Riveten Benasal, an ideal place to photograph butterflies and numerous passerine birds.

We’ll visit the Font de En Segures. The water of this fountain is in the top three most highly appreciated in the world.

We’ll visit the Barranc del Horts, which is rich in biodiversity, surrounded by gall oaks and centenary holm oaks.

Tactical stops to observe different birds of prey.

Visit to the historic centre of Catí.

Lunch at our lodging. Menu prepared with local seasonal produce.

Wrapping up.


** (breakfast/lunch/dinner)

Important information

* It is important to wear hiking boots and thermal clothing that allows us to be
comfortable in the forest even without walking.

*Itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions.


Important notes

✔ Two-night lodging in rural accommodation in Ares de Maestrat.
✔ Educational routes through the area.
✔ All meals listed in the itinerary.
✔ Optical equipment (ground-based telescopes).
✔ Guides specialised in wildlife.
✔ Insurance covering civil liability and accidents. Personalised service.

Not included:

✘ Transportation.
✘ Personal expenses.
✘ Tips.
✘ Food and beverages not listed in the itinerary.
✘ Any service not listed in the itinerary.


Accommodation located in a rural area.


Ecotourism in Els Ports and Alt Maestrat. Trails include background talks aimed at
understanding nature. We are located in an area of great ecological value.

Sustainable tourism

Proximity and kilometre zero tourism. Local socio-economic development, local gastronomy.

Environmental commitment

Wildlife watching ensures awareness about the fragile ecosystem balance and the importance of its conservation and protection.

Our trips are tailor-made so you can choose what suits you best.

Find your inspiration in this itinerary and we’ll help you organise your next Inspirience.

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