Madrid: From Earth to the stars

Welcome to the northernmost area of the Madrid Region, the Sierra Norte. And right here, wedged between two mountain ranges, the Montes Carpetanos and the Cuerda Larga, is the Valle Alto del Lozoya, where the eponymous river makes its way along a winding route. And we, among oak, pine, holm oak and riparian forest, will explore during a weekend of immersion and disconnection.

Our days will be spent around the village of Rascafría, where we will visit ancient yew trees, embrace nature through all of our five senses by practising of Forest Bathing – or Shinrin Yoku, and we will immerse ourselves in our celestial vault through a unique experience such as the Star Bath.



Day 1 - Village of Rascafría

The distance from Madrid to village of Rascafría is about 51 miles, which will take you about an hour and a half by car.

Arrival at the accommodation in the afternoon.

**Accommodation in a rural hotel.

Day 2 - Trail to the Millenary Yew Tree - Star Bathing

In the morning, at 9:00 am, we will meet at the established meeting point, from where we will start our backgound talk about the Millenary Yew Tree trail.

We will walk along the stream of La Angostura, which will later take the name of Lozoya River, and we will walk along very little-travelled paths until we reach our precious gift: the Barondillo Yew Tree. This impressive specimen of Taxus baccata, some 1,800 years old, is one of the oldest known trees in the Iberian Peninsula.

Distance: 6.7 miles – Elevation gain: 1148 feet –  Duration: 4h 30m –  Trail type: loop –  Difficulty: above average


Lunchtime and afternoon are of your free choice. We suggest you wander around the fantastic Alto Valle del Lozoya.

That night, our next activity will take place, starting at about 23:00, very close to our lodge: our Star Bathing.

A look at the immensity of the celestial sphere from the astonishment, curiosity and the feeling of being part of that infinite history written from the silence of the night. We propose an immersion in the starry sky that has fascinated us since we were children. We will show you the outline of the constellations and the myths that lie behind their shapes, the origin of that immensity we call Cosmos – of our galaxy, of our solar system. We will learn more about the planets, stars and other celestial bodies.
It is not just astronomy, it is an experience towards the Universe and towards ourselves.

Duration: 2 h


**Accommodation in a rural hotel.

Day 3 - Forest Bath - Wrapping Up

Our next experience awaits us at 10:00 am: our Forest Bathing.

This Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku, is an immersive experience in nature, where you and the forest are the protagonists. Now is the time to relax from the hectic pace of everyday life, reconnecting with the natural environment. The senses are sharpened to discover a new language. Emotions flow to connect with the environment and achieve a full awareness of the present moment.

Distance: 0.7 miles –   Duration: 2 h


 *Fin de los servicios*


** Accommodation subject to availability

Important information

We are in a mountainous area, so the use of appropriate footwear for the terrain (trekking or hiking shoes/boots) is mandatory. It is also necessary to carry at least a litre and a half of water or other valid hydration, as there are no fountains during the experiences. Warm clothes and a mackitosh rain coat are recommended. Don't forget to bring sun cream and a hat. It is advisable to carry some food in your backpack: fruit, nuts, chocolate... whatever you need to boost your energy at any given moment.

The activities in this programme can also be booked separately. For more information, please contact us.


Important notes

✔ Two nights' accommodation at a rural hotel in Rascafría.
✔ All supplies needed to clean and maintain the Background trail-talk about the Barondillo Yew Tree
✔ Star Bathing
✔ All supplies needed to clean and maintain the Forest Bathing experience.
✔ All supplies needed to clean and maintain the Certified guides for all activities.

Not included:

✘ Breakfast, lunch or dinner..
✘ Personal expenses ..
✘ Personal expenses Tips.
✘ Transport costs to the contracted activities and accommodation.
✘ Any service not listed in the itinerary.


Accommodation located in a rural area.


Rutas de senderismo para conectar con la naturaleza. Estamos ubicados en una zona de grandísimo valor ecológico: Parque Nacional Sierra de Guadarrama y Reserva de la Biosfera Cuencas altas de los ríos Manzanares, Lozoya y Guadarrama

Sustainable tourism

Turismo de proximidad y Km cero.

Environmental commitment

En la ruta de interpretación se dará formación sobre la importancia de la conservación y protección del medioambiente y el valor de los recursos naturales. En los baños de bosque y de estrellas se dará valor a la conexión natural entre nosotros y la naturaleza, ensalzando nuestro compromiso medioambiental.

Our trips are tailor-made so you can choose what suits you best.

Find your inspiration in this itinerary and we'll help you organise your next Inspirience.

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