Countryside view: rural tourism and its benefits

by | 30 Nov 2022 | Viaje sostenible

Rural tourism is becoming more and more popular all over the world thanks to a new perception of travel and the desire to have authentic experiences away from the major tourist hotspots.

What is the image you have in mind thinking about the word “rural”? Perhaps the farming activity, the flora and fauna in an unspoiled natural environment or simply a lumberjack in his checkered shirt? We can assure you that behind rural tourism activity there is much and much more….capable of producing a multitude of benefits. Let’s discover some of them together!

Local community enhancing

Rural tourism generates employment and incomes, contributing to the diversification of the local economy, but it also increases the pride of the community as guardians and promoters of local traditions, products and heritage.

México: Tesoros escondidos en el Caribe Mexicano
Amazonas local community

Experience rural life

You will become a part of this bucolic life by experiencing daily activities. Observing, learning and helping in specific tasks, crafts and arts allows the direct discovery of new skills that will become part of your wealth of knowledge. Cultural exchange is based on the respect and understanding of other cultures and diversity creating synergy between visitors and locals.

Health benefits

You will be away from the traffic jam and the stressful rhythm of the city, you will enjoy the tranquility and relaxation of the countryside. You will breathe clean air while wrapping yourself in a unique sense of peace! This also means that you will have more restful sleep by improving its quality. Your awakening will be accompanied by the sweet sound of nature.

Nature Wellness

Km0 products

Food quality requires time, dedication, patience and…love. Finally, you will  see with transparency your product from the farm to the table. The authentic flavor of local and seasonal ingredients, such as fruits and vegetables, awaits you!

Countryside view: rural tourism and its benefits
Km0 products

The environment breathes

Living and taking part in outdoor activities raises awareness of the respect and adoption of practices aiming at reducing negative impacts on the environment. In this way you will contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and natural resources by rationalizing their uses.

Madrid: Ruta del Cartero
Puebla de la Sierra – Madrid

Therefore, rural tourism, if well managed, has a positive and sustainable impact on the social, cultural, economic and environmental dimension of the destination. As this reflects one of the core missions of our sustainable travel agency, we love to promote and let you live in this rural dimension with all its benefits. Indeed, since day one, we have been involved in building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders in support of local communities and small family-run businesses. 

Inspirience proposes a wide range of activities and routes focused on rural tourism such as a trip to the lesser-known outback of Galicia or the Maestrazgo region and much more. It also represents a unique opportunity to discover the roots of these idyllic villages from a local point of view.

Can’t wait to experience all this? Contact us and let yourself be inspired by our offers: 


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