“No limits but the sky”: astrotourism, an experience towards the universe and towards ourselves.

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“No limits but the sky”: astrotourism, an experience towards the universe and towards ourselves.
“No limits but the sky”: astrotourism, an experience towards the universe and towards ourselves.

Recent studies have revealed that 80% of the inhabitants of the Earth can no longer see the Milky Way due to light pollution. As a result, remote places become ideal destinations for astrotourism.

Astrotourism is a responsible and sustainable form of tourism which involves information, sky observations and leisure activities related to astronomy.  In recent years this phenomenon has grown, as it attracts not only astronomy enthusiasts and astrologers, but it is for all those who want to get lost in the immensity of the Cosmo and its secrets.

“No limits but the sky”: astrotourism, an experience towards the universe and towards ourselves.
Light pollution in Madrid

Why choose an astrotourism experience?

  • You will be far away from city light and its light pollution.
  • You will spark and satisfy the shine of your curiosity with our professional guides.
  • You will immerse yourself in nature and in the stars.
  • You will discover and use the right tools to “touch the sky with a finger” and keep them in your memory.
  • Your experience will always be different based on the diversity of the sky in the various seasons or different phenomena such as eclipses, shooting stars, different phases of the moon and so on.

“No limits but the sky”: astrotourism, an experience towards the universe and towards ourselves
Astrotourism experience in Rascafría, Madrid

Did you know that Spain is one of the main destinations to experience astrotourism?

Indeed, in Andalusia (Sierra Morena, the largest Starlight tourist destination in the world) it is possible to observe a greater extent of the sky thanks to its location: it is the southernmost region in mainland Spain. But also in the Sierra Norte, particularly at the Valle Alto del Loyoza , the view is spectacular. And what about Galicia….here is a gem to discover called Trevinca, a protected natural area covering almost 25,000 hectares and with an altitude of 2,200 meters. Being the highest point in Galicia, it has obtained the Starlight certification, which accredits it as an astronomical tourist destination.The good news is that you can discover them by leaving with us!

But…. What is a “Starlight” destination?

According to the Starlight foundation, these destinations are places that can be visited, with excellent sky quality and suitable infrastructures and activities related to tourism. Keypoint: they must have efficient tools to maintain the quality and guarantee the protection of their sky and infrastructure. These destinations have had the ability to enhance their sky making it a precious resource. 

The Universe

The Starlight certification

Essentially, all the Towns Halls included in the perimeter to be certified must adhere to the Declaration of La Palma. The certification is reviewed after 2 years and renewed every 4 years. In order to get this precious certification, several factors and features are considered, such as the excellent night and day sky quality, low light pollution and transparency of the air. These environmental requirements are connected with the infrastructure and services, cultural, social, scientific and technical resources. The importance of their protection and management is crucial and requires an efficient and integrative management approach which implies the collaboration between all the local stakeholders, including the community. 

Research, innovation (such as intelligent lighting methods and strategies), education, information, monitoring and feedback are the basis of the astrotourism development. Therefore, astrotourism guarantees a new form of sustainable tourism and minimizes the negative impact of artificial lighting on the environment, becoming a useful tool for ecosystem protection and a valuable resource for the local community.

Inspirience will offer you an immersive and poetic experience discovering the planets, stars, satellites, constellations and the myths hidden behind their shapes. In the past, gathering under the starry sky has always been a source of social interaction and inspiration. We therefore see this occasion as a rediscovery of contact with the night sky surrounded by nature.

Discover our itineraries and if you should see a shooting star during your trip express your wish, ours will be to have you with us!


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